Oh where do I start?

She was my biggest opposition my whole life. I fought and fought with her. My dad left, her fault. Sad, her fault. I put her through so much.

I try to live with no regrets and to always learn, but this is one of my biggest regrets ever.

4 ish years ago, my mom was diagnosed with ALS otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. She has progressed very slowly and for that I am thankful.

I’ve learned how very short life is, and how much I truly love and adore her. She’s so proud of the steps I am taking now, and makes sure to tell me she so.

Today there was a small miracle. And you don’t get those often or good news often with this disease. Her breathing capacity has been going down and down for months, but today at her most recent check  IT WENT UP BY 7%! I love her so much. My heart smiles for her today.

She is part of the reason I’m learning to heal myself. I can’t deal with the pain of what is going on if I can’t deal with what’s going on with me. The journey continues….<3

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