Session Two.

Had a really good weekend. Went out dancing. Had only one drink. (quite proud of myself) Had a minor anxiety attack. Sometimes I just feel like everyone in the place is watching me and judging. Got over it though. Just stepped out of the situation for a few minutes.

Session two was today. We began with finding the safe place again. And focusing on breathing. Then I was instructed to remember some recent situations that bothered me and to figure out where those feelings went in my physical body. I discovered that I felt it in the following ways:

Eyes squint off and on

Hands sort of clench

Teeth clench

Toes curl

I get vibrations or trembles through my body

My stomach gets in knots


When we inspected a more troubling recent memory, my whole right side of my back and my right arm tensed up, hurt and then went numb.

What I then did is focus my breathing on those areas as they come up. Not trying to change them, but listening to my body and breathing through it.

She said that my body is telling me something and that when we block our body’s reaction to trauma it gets stuck. So letting my body go through those things in a safe environment is key.

I feel a little lighter today. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Session Two.

  1. Yu are discovering your inner world detached, observing the physical sensations of Te disorder. It s a body mechanism dumping cortisol and adrenaline preparing us for fight or flight.

    I would say you had a great session.

    Time to,practice this everyday on your own.

    My breathing track makes mindfulness easier to do and harder for thoughts to break through. excellent job by the way.


    1. You know what I just read. Rainbow Trout contains EPA, a fatty acid that fights cortisol, the stress hormone. Pretty neat. Might have to eat more of that. Although I eat a lot of fish to begin with.

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