What is mental illness?

I have to post about something that’s been bothering me.

Someone in my life doesn’t seem to think that being mentally afflicted is illness. To me, it is. It is something that is beyond my control without treatment. That affects every portion of my being and life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

So. What is mental illness to you? Is it sickness? Is it something that the person can control?

Just because nothing physically shows up in a brain scan, doesn’t mean it’s not there. To me.

I asked this person what they would do if I had cancer. To which they answered. “Help you heal, help you get better”. So why is my being sick with mental illness so different? I have a hard time understanding how one is any different than the other.

If you care, you love and make sure that person is well, no matter what the illness is.

1 thought on “What is mental illness?

  1. Doctors know so very little about how the brain works, really. But anyone who has ever had to deal with depression, anxiety attacks, or PTSD knows this is a real illness. Most people would not choose to think and feel these ways. And the majority of people with mental illnesses hide their problems from the world, so you can’t really say it is to get attention either. In the end, while people should help you if they can, it is hard for them to understand just how it feels for your mind to be working against you.

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