Meditation today.

I am quite bothered by some things today, so it`s been difficult to focus.

One thing that is bothering me is that my friend has been missing for almost two months. They have found a body near his house in the last day and it is as of yet, unidentified. There`s so much more to this, but I have resolved myself not to dwell on it. I can only take things one day at a time, or I get overwhelmed.

Secondly, I have put my worry onto D for far too long. I should only be worrying about myself. Not anyone else.

But if you see my previous post, this is something that I really really struggle with. Not worrying.

So I remembered a piece of advice I heard from a friend the other day. She told me that she met a woman who every day would send out her love to George Bush…now, she asked this woman `why on earth would you do that`and her answer was that he needs love just like you and everyone else. So she then began a practice of sending love to people she didn`t like.

Not that I don`t like anyone, but today I decided to focus my attention in meditation on sending love and healing towards D, my friend who is missing, and my mom who is sick.

I imagined them wrapped up in a soft cocoon of light and love and healing. Then I asked the universe to take my pain and transfer it into healing and love. The visualization helps me work through the worry and pain that I am feeling, while using the energy in a positive way.

I feel a bit lighter. I`m going to meditate later again, but this time in the process my therapist has set out for me since session two. I needed to bring myself to a calmer place before attempting that today.

Learning is fun. 🙂

1 thought on “Meditation today.

  1. have you tried a model for the breath which simplifies and brings two other senses to use. try working on your focus of the breath more for a while. Giving an intention in the beginning to share love to,others can be incorproated into a loving kindness intention.

    have you tried working everyday and for short periods during the day?

    maybe the way you approach meditation brings your cognitive mind into play. We are trying to get below our thought or consciousness and our attitude works best if we are accepting with no right or wrong, good or bad possible.

    feel the body and release or bring your focus to these parts until they relax. Slow the breath as you hear the lowest sound in the room. Go below the lowest noise around as you slow the breath.

    it gets easier and is a skill that all can learn quickly with the breathing track model. You can see it is a continuum with transitions. You can practice with your eyes open for a while. NTrace your breath while watching and slow it down. practice and make it habit.

    Then we can apply it to triggers.

    Good luck


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