Hide under my rainbow.

Cutting hearts out of the pieces left on the floor from the breaking free,

wondering to myself how to glue it back together without shards that hurt your outstretched hands,

and how long the picture will stay together,

when there’s attacks coming from a far away land.

So I build rainbows in my sky and hope they shield me from the heartache flying from over and away.

When there’s a pause in the landscape I send the broken pieces heart shaped over to the land far and away,

and I sit and hope the love reaches the beating centre.

Affect it, cease fire. ❤


I can only take so much in my heart. I can’t take everything from everywhere and everyone at once. 


Tested me.

Taught me. 


I can’t fix what doesn’t want to be fixed. I can’t heal what doesn’t want to be healed. And if it’s not WITHIN me, I don’t have to stay. I tried to save all of it, but I could only save myself. Heal myself. 


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