Tamara’s Story – Cipro Toxicity

My recovery story from the terrible illness I’ve been going through for the last 4 months.


I can only hope it can help others heal from fluoroquinolone toxicity.


Through the worst pain of my life and anger and tears to making a full recovery from something some people never recover from! SO THANKFUL! 🙂


Tamara’s Story – Cipro Toxicity.

3 thoughts on “Tamara’s Story – Cipro Toxicity

  1. Tamara –

    I hope all is well. I saw your post about your battle with Cipro and wanted to chat more about what you did to get better. I just recently took levaquin for a 6 days and have awful pain in my legs, numbness, difficulty walking. I’ve done plenty of reading online but wanted to see what worked for people who have overcome this problem.

    Any advice would be appreciated!



    1. Hi Jeff,

      What did you want to know? The most I can say is that I was definitely “cured” by the glutathione IV’s. I only did two and since the last one over 2 months ago, I have continued to get better. What remains these days is just issues with my leg. My endurance is down and my muscles get sore, but physio helps. I get ultrasound on my achilles tendon, which was the worst hit.

      But I really can’t say enough about the glutathione. I fully believe if you can get the Fluoroquinolone out of your system fast enough, that you can heal yourself before it does more damage. And most importantly, don’t EVER take one again!

      If you want to continue this conversation I can email you. Let me know.


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