L iving

O ne

V ibrational

E nergy

Love. It is the place we came from. Before we hitched a ride in these 3D human bodies and set out to learn here on Earth. It is the place we shall return to when we leave this plane of existence. It is the thing we are trying to remember in this lifetime.

It’s the only way out of this mess we have created on this planet. We have destroyed our water, our air, our brothers and sisters, animals. The way to fix this isn’t fighting back and war.

No no no, child, you have it all wrong.

The answer is ALWAYS Love.

It is our natural state of being. So many people have gotten so tied up and so lost in their own doing that they don’t remember this. Our job is to help ourselves remember. And in doing so we allow others to shine their light upon the world as well.

This is not flighty hippie talk. This is real. This is what I have seen through so many experiences over the last two years. Through triumph and severe illness, deaths and births.


Let’s do this right. ❤


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