Lost in a new world,
Wondering whether to step back,
Or step forward.

Whether to be strong,
Or stay comfortable.

Tears run down,
Not sure where to turn.

A visit to my hometown which I moved from earlier this year left me in tears yesterday. I have such an amazing group of friends there, and moving to another province has left me feeling kinda lonely, and kinda upset. I miss my friends so much, but my lifestyle out here makes so much more sense, and teaching dance will be better here.

I tried to move away before, a couple times, and I kept moving back. Sometimes for reasons out of my control. I really don’t want to live there. I just wish I could transport my friends with me.

I often wonder if this is part of having C-PTSD. Whether I am hyper sensitive to changes such as this. It’s a big change for anyone. But I have such a hard time feeling free in a situation I’m not comfortable in yet.

I feel as though I haven’t met anyone out here who jives with who I am. Who is like my friends at home.

They say home is where the heart is. But my home is with my friends, and with the beautiful place I live in. I feel pulled in two entirely different directions. I know I need to be strong because this is the right decision for myself, but the transition is not proving to be very fun.

I just feel stuck. :\

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