I am very much an introvert. But I have many traits that are extroverted as well. I wouldn’t have been able to spend the better part of the last 10 years performing on stage if I wasn’t.

But I struggle with loneliness as well.

A lot of things have happened in regards to spirituality that have left permanent marks on who I am and how I see the world.

I know truths that other people can’t or won’t see. I know deep in my heart it’s a tremendous gift I’ve been given.

But it also isolates me. There are very few people in my life who understand.

I’ve grown tired of small talk and things that don’t inspire my heart and soul. In turn, I’ve distanced myself from social media.

But I so desperately need to have a group of like minded individuals to keep in touch with that may help inspire each other and grow spiritually together. I need teachers to guide me. I often have a lot of questions about strange things that happen to me. Until a few years ago I didn’t have the ability to see through the “veil” and now I have glimpses of it all the time.

Part of the issue is that I’ve moved away from my hometown and while I feel very certain that where I am geographically is where I should be. ..it’s also taken me farther away from the people I’ve met who just “get it”.

How do you find those people you are meant to meet and grow with?


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