From Maiden to Mother.

I have to say : I don’t feel spiritually connected to this pregnancy yet. I am more intuitive, and have been having much more dreams.

But I think the fact that I feel pretty normal is keeping me from feeling connected yet. Maybe once I have a bump growing it will seem more real.

I’m 9 weeks and 3 days so it’s still early.

A lot of my mind has been on the actual birthing process. I’ve chosen to have a midwife and haven’t decided yet between a hospital or home/water birth. I actually feel as though a home/water birth would be a much more in tune environment for me. But I also worry if something goes wrong.

I am also afraid of the pain. I’m planning on taking hypnobirthing, so I hope this will help me. I’m not that great dealing with pain.

But I also so want to trust that this is a journey that many women have made before me, and I know that I can make too.

It’s a big life transition and I’m still in the Ok…is this real? phase lol

I’m sure it’s about to get really real anytime though! 🙂

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