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Speak no evil.

I posted a little while ago a post entitled “Mommy Wars” about women who are either pregnant or have children who like to get in huge heated debates with each other over things like vaccination etc.

I’ve chosen to have a midwife assisted birth, and I am 90% sold on a home birth, close to the hospital if I need a transfer. Obviously, this is my first child and I don’t know how labor and delivery will go for me.

When discussing my choice on a message board I was essentially attacked by someone claiming to be a medical doctor (ER doc) about my choice and how stupid it was.

I certainly don’t feel the same.

There’s another forum on the same website where I wanted to ask a question about delayed vaccination schedules in Canada…but low and behold, that same woman is on there yelling at people about vaccination too.

It’s really frustrating to feel like the place I am going to ask questions and seek advice as a first time mom…is turning into a place I’m afraid to express my feelings on certain topics.

Because of how sick I was last year in large part due to the pharmaceutical industry and doctors….I am very wary about things. But this view has seen me being attacked online.

I don’t know where to turn for real, unbiased advice. :\

Media Coverage of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Dangers

Floxie Hope

WSB-TV 2 out of Atlanta, Georgia has run several news segments about the dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics – focusing on the death and destruction caused by Levaquin/levofloxacin.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!  WSB-TV 2 producers and other staff, Jim Strickland, Kathy Dannelly, Donna Schultz, Jeff Stephens, Lynne Whitcopf, Dr. Keith Jeffords, Sandy Davis and everyone else who spoke up about the dangers of these drugs – THANK YOU!

Here are the video clips from WSB-TV 2 –

You can read the story here –

Per The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation‘s facebook page, “QVF has just been informed moments ago by ABC2 WSB-TV that the number of shares from the news stories have increased from 2 million to 3.9 million.”  WOW!  Great job getting the word out!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the story featuring Lynne Whitcopf and Dr. Keith Jeffords on YouTube, but you can view…

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