Monthly Archives: May 2015


Well its been a while. I’ve been know, growing a human. I am 26 weeks tomorrow and getting excited and also nervous.

I have been reflecting over the last year and a half of my life and how much things have changed.

Just over a year ago…I was coming out of what I would consider nearly dying. I was learning to walk again after 3.5 months bedridden.

Everything I thought I knew about who I was…had been literally ripped apart from my soul. I was in a very dark place. Scared and alone.

But somehow, I made what I would consider a miraculous recovery. And in going through the processes I was completely transformed. A butterfly coming out of her cocoon.

I only hope that I can impart this zest for life and wisdom to my soon to be daughter.

I have been toying with the idea of writing my experiences in a formal manner. Perhaps a book.  But I don’t want to just write about what happened and the dangers of Fluoroquinolones. I want to write about what an incredibly life changing shift this was. It was and always will be a spiritual awakening experience for me. I am not angry about it. I am at peace with what happened to me because I see that it needed to happen. It’s all part of a greater plan  I’m not privy to lol.

I want to leave a legacy that helps others. That in itself  has been  the thing has brought me the most joy out of the whole experience.  It makes my heart ache to hear about people who have been damaged, but I am always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Even if that shoulder is a virtual one. I don’t want anyone to feel alone. You are not alone in this.