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Sun’s coming out today, and tomorrow, and forever and ever.


As much as darkness can creep into the heart of a person with a dis-ease, a day like this sure can brighten up the sour-est mood. What a beauty!

I walked home today. Raised my face to the sun and let it’s energy pour down over me like a waterfall. I feel so at peace in the sunshine. Yay beautiful days! ❤

A face to the name, and more getting really real.

This is in response to my “coming out” the other day. Talking more about what it means to have C-PTSD and life in general. It’s a long one, but I needed to talk it out. A friend of mine said something very true the other day. He told me that when we write, we “edit” our words and thoughts, but when we speak, it flows. So I let it flow. ❤