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Mommy Wars

good mother

Ok. I am not even a mom yet. But I’m catching wind of some of these very heated arguments between moms and moms to be. Breastfeeding vs. Formula. Circumcise vs. not. Vaccinate vs. non vaccination. etc etc

I have two reasons this concerns me.

One, my views have changed a lot. I used to trust my doctor. I used to think they knew everything and run to them when things went wrong. I don’t do that anymore. It’s been almost a year since I had a severe adverse reaction to an antibiotic. I have very very STRONG views on medications and vaccines, and things that just don’t belong in a body. It’s not just my opinion, Β it’s what I’ve seen happen. I have allergies to several different things. I had severe reactions and allergies to several antibiotics. My brother had seizures from his childhood vaccines. To be fair, it seems that my genes lean towards being sensitive to these things. I plan on delaying vaccination in my kids. Not long, but long enough that if they do have a reaction it’s not going to be in a tiny 2 month old body. This is my choice. For many reasons.

Two, because of these views am I going to be shunned by other moms? I truly want was is best for my child and given my history, perhaps shielding them from harm is the best way I can do that.

Why can’t we all get along?

I am part of a online pregnancy message board. These conversations come up. Sometimes very young girls come onto the boards to ask about abortion and people bring their “pro life” views into things, and try to push their religion onto people.

News flash! Don’t just assume that everyone follows your religion….

Hey, I may be hormonal but I can see that competing with each other is not the way to be.

I do what I know is right for me, and you do what is right for you.

I respect that.

Don’t judge and push your views on me.

Peace πŸ™‚

From Maiden to Mother.

I have to say : I don’t feel spiritually connected to this pregnancy yet. I am more intuitive, and have been having much more dreams.

But I think the fact that I feel pretty normal is keeping me from feeling connected yet. Maybe once I have a bump growing it will seem more real.

I’m 9 weeks and 3 days so it’s still early.

A lot of my mind has been on the actual birthing process. I’ve chosen to have a midwife and haven’t decided yet between a hospital or home/water birth. I actually feel as though a home/water birth would be a much more in tune environment for me. But I also worry if something goes wrong.

I am also afraid of the pain. I’m planning on taking hypnobirthing, so I hope this will help me. I’m not that great dealing with pain.

But I also so want to trust that this is a journey that many women have made before me, and I know that I can make too.

It’s a big life transition and I’m still in the Ok…is this real? phase lol

I’m sure it’s about to get really real anytime though! πŸ™‚