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Recurring themes & dreams

A little background: As a result of past trauma, I have post traumatic amnesia. I have noticed this affects me in my daily waking life as well, and in my dreams. I have only one memory from before the age of 7, and when I get into rage mode I can black out and completely forget what happened. I also don’t remember dreams most of the time. 


But, I do have three recurring dreams that I have had since I was a child. 


Dream one: Trapped in a house.

In this dream I am trapped in a house that has stairs that lead to a ceiling, that has doors that open up to a 2 storey drop. That has doors that open up to walls. There is no escape. I have had this dream for as long as I can remember. 

I found an interesting dream interpretation for this that actually makes a lot of sense in my situation:

Your dream is suggesting your emotions are being locked away; you are losing your identity. You are feeling helpless and don’t know how to stand up for yourself. You are in need of healing. Get in tune with yourself and your senses. There are changes ahead, so look at which direction you would like to travel in, and take charge. Stop avoiding the situation, but face it head-on – positive action is required.

As someone who has locked my painful childhood memories away in my brain, this makes perfect sense. That I feel trapped within my own mind. 


Dream two: I dream I am falling, but I hit the ground. 

Now this one always throws me for a loop because one night I actually woke up and I was floating above my body. So sometimes I think I astral project and I may just be “falling” back into my body. But let’s look at a dream interpretation:

We are not the 3D physical body we see in our mirror each day, but the 5D spiritual Being within which animates that body!

Each night when we go to bed and relax, spiritual us (our consciousness) leaves to enable our physical body to rest and recurate and, as WE are then absent, our sleeping physical form cannot respond until spiritual us returns in the morning and we reawaken!

Some of our dreams are glimpses that our limited 3D brain can remember from our 5D spiritual experiences during sleep, and the *falling* dreams that most of us experience are how our 3D brain registers our spiritual self or consciousness returning to our physical form after being out of the body during sleep, a process that then enables us to again wake up!

And this one totally makes sense too, because I definitely get the feeling I’ve been somewhere else and I am coming back into my body. It’s freaky but it happens so much it doesn’t bother me anymore. 


Dream Three:

I think this dream is my favorite. I haven’t had this dream in a while, but, I used to dream I could jump and bounce and fly. I’d jump and jump on the tip of roof, and then jump from there to a treetop, then flap my arms like a bird and I’d  go up up up and bounce off things. 

I don’t think I will post a dream interpretation for this one because I know it represents that beautiful lifting hopeful feeling I feel in my waking hours. That anything is possible. 

And that’s the path I’m on right now. I don’t need to dream it anymore. 

Happy Dreaming, dreamers! Much love! ❤

Coming Alive.

To be so sheltered by your own mind for so long…wears on you.

I’ve been moving head first into change lately. Owning up to who and what I am. To what I don’t want. To who I want to be.

Healing through experience. Making choices based on what my intuition and heart know is best.

For the first time in my life I’m waking up with an inner peace that I have been longing for.

I can breathe. I hold hope in my heart. I know how to get myself on track. I’m living my truth. For me. And nobody else. I’m taking it back.

Learning and growing at super sonic speeds. So so grateful for the awakening I’ve had. Opening my heart to others and letting love in for real. No longer hiding the parts of me that used to make me feel ashamed.

Life is beautiful. And the best part is there is all the time in the world to rise. To come alive. ❤